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The task of choosing a Dedicated Server Provider can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. Using the Dedicated Server Directory goes some way to making this task simpler for you. We’ve collected and sorted through hundreds of user reviews and ratings for a wide range of criteria, including Customer Service, Ease of Use, Value for Money and Satisfaction. With the aid of these reviews, we aim to make choosing a Dedicated Server Provider as simple, easy and informative as possible. Below you can find the latest Dedicated Server Reviews to help you compare the best providers in the industry today.

IDT Express

We started working with IDT in 2016. They tout serving over 32 billion minutes annually and 4 route divisions to choose from. The route divisions are irrelevant however, here I will explain why: The level of service/quality you *actually* receive depends on how greedy your Account Manager is, and the genie behind the curtain that changes up the routes to accommodate their desired margins. The end result of course is route...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 25 Jan 2018


We have been with them for 5 years (having used several of their services). We just finally migrated our last site away from them THANK GOD!!! By far the worst hosting provider we have ever used. Their support is HORRIBLE. It doesn't matter if you have a managed account or not... you can always count on their support to be pretty, well... un-supporting. We discovered a problem that was within their network (not on our...

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Last reviewed on Friday, 22 Sep 2017


Namehog is TERRIBLE. There is no phone number to contact and when you raise a support ticket they take hours to reply - to reply, that is, not to solve the problem. Just days after I renewed hosting I cannot get emails and cannot find a way of getting them, either. Dreadful service and they say they pride themselves on their customer service. How? At least have a phone number to call.

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Last reviewed on Monday, 19 Jun 2017

VAU Networks Ltd

Fantastic! They provide you with all the best things you need to host your business! If you're a business owner YOU MUST go for VAU Networks to host your website and more! Great company!

Last reviewed on Friday, 28 Apr 2017


Having been on the receiving end of there so called “customer service” it certainly feels like they want customers to leave which is very unusual from a US based company. I have been with them for 12 years, had a nightmare during their platform transition a couple of years back but gave them the benefit of doubt after many trouble free years prior to that (when they were a pleasure to deal with). This experience has been even...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 30 Mar 2017


VooServers is by far the best hosting provider I've ever been with. Found it by chance over 3 years ago when looking for a second dedicated server provider that supported FreeBSD and decided to give it a try since they then had native IPv6. Had the server installed and delivered in no time and it has been running flawlessly ever since. The uptime surpassed 1000 days until a recent much needed reboot, at which point it had...

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 24 Nov 2016


Great value and great support. They've been very patient with me and my lack of web knowledge too. Would recommend!

Last reviewed on Monday, 31 Oct 2016

PMGC Hosting

An excellent datacenter and the support too. I have been with PMGC for last 2 years and so far I am so happy with their service and support. Their support team has been great all the time when we had issues. They keep my service with minimal disruption. Its metro network helps to host servers on different datacenters in London itself for redundancy. thank you guys.

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 03 Aug 2016


Incredible host! WooServers is such a reliable and well known provider. I haven’t experienced any sort of downtime yet, my email is working speedily and I seldom run into any issues that aren’t my fault. Great host!

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 25 May 2016


i geuss you get what you pay for the DEDIBOX i had rented from them went down every month stupidly LONG delays in response to tickets always made some lame excuses.. people do yourself a favor and stay well away from these cowboys who use OVH's servers.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Midland Communications

Absolute JOKE... promised the world, promised short term contract, promised better solution, ended up without a complete farce, promised the world to get my business now creating a web of lies to leave the contract although promised a straight forward enter and entry agreement.

Last reviewed on Wednesday, 16 Mar 2016

X9 Internet

Sometimes you have an experience with a company that is just so bad and so surreal, and this happened to me with x9 Internet hosting. Maybe they just had a bad day, or maybe they're always like this; I don’t know. What I do know is that their sign up procedure is very lax, and allowed me to make a payment without providing details *they said* were a requirement of their terms and conditions. I thought it was a fairly easy...

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Last reviewed on Wednesday, 02 Mar 2016

Free Virtual Servers

Been with them for years, hosting several websites. Excellent service always. Fast response to any tickets. Highly recommended.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 01 Mar 2016


I have recieved over 10 years of outstanding support - anyone can provide hardware its the support that makes all the difference. Coreix has always given me and my clients quick, efficient support.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 25 Feb 2016


Been with them for over 5 years and we absolutely love them. We love the ease of their ticketing system, and the fact that any time day or night someone is there. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays I had a small issue, and tested them 2 am Christmas Day and New Years day. Both time some poor sod was there to sort things out. Have put all our clients with them.

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Last reviewed on Tuesday, 12 Jan 2016


We've been using host-its data center services for over 5 years now. Their staff are all technically competent and always willing to help. Their facilities and infrastructure are second to none. If you're in the market for rack space give them a call!

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 07 Jan 2016

Simply Hosting

Everyone should stay very clear of this company. The operations manager is erratic and have no clue about hosting. The staff are arrogant and incompetent and know nothing about CPanel or WHM and would steal your CPanel password to upload phishing scam software and then blame you and ask you to pay for it to be cleaned. The most nasty experience i have ever had. They are thieves. The worst hosting company in the UK.

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 10 Dec 2015

First2Host International

Got a dedicated server for my online streaming site. After tweaking the DDOS protection it functions perfectly. Fantastic response times to my tickets. A real first class service. One happy camper :)

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Last reviewed on Thursday, 01 Oct 2015

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